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Subject: Family Scandal Chapter 3Disclaimer: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of
sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of
age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material
is illegal where you live, then please don't read it!Family Scandal
By : Mr. Swannie
Family Scandal
Chapter ThreeI walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Frank came in
fallowing right behind me. I tested the nude little lolas models water lolitas x chat putas
then stepped into the
shower. Frank walked up to the shower and looked at me under the hot
water. I looked at him and nodded for him to come in with me.He stepped into the shower and the hot water hit his skin. I watched as
layers of cum slid off his face and body onto the shower floor and down the
drain. I watched as the cum circled around the drain then down.Frank took the bar of soap and started to soap up my body. He started with
my back, then wrapped his arms around me and started to soap up my chest
and stomach. The water, the soap, his body pressed against my back gave me
such a sensation that I sprouted an instant erection. Frank seemed to love
that and started to soap up my hard cock and balls. I turned and reached
around him and started to soap up him back and ass. My hands cupping his
firm young ass. I let my hands fondle each cheek for a short time before
sliding them into the crack. All the time Frank was moaning softly in my
ear while hugging me close to him. His soft hands rolling up and down my
back.I finally moved my hands in for the attack. With my left hand I spread his
ass checks apart. With a soapy right middle finger I started nude little lolas models to push it
into his red hot ass. I berried my finger up to my knuckle.Frank squeezed me in a tight hug as moaned deep into my ear. "Fuck ya."I pulled my finger almost all the way out then jabbed it all the way in. I
slowly started to finger fuck my brothers ass. With each thrust Frank
would slap his body against mine. Our cocks both rock hard slamming
together in-between us. I pulled my finger out and started to push both my
middle finger and my pointer finger up his tight hot ass at the same time.Frank grabbed me tight in what seemed like a mix of lust and pain. I
didn't care how he felt at that moment all I could think was it was to bad
there was no camera around to record this. I thrust my two fingers in and
out of his ass for a few minutes then couldn't take any more.I pulled my fingers out and put my hands on his shoulders and pushed down.
With no resistance at all he fell to his knees and started sucking my
throbbing cock again. His mouth worked my cock like we had been doing this
for a life time. Then again it had been all morning.I was lost in the thoughts of lust when I realized that the bathroom door
had opened and that someone was in the bathroom with us."Kevin is that you." I called out.Frank stopped sucking and I could feel a shiver go threw his body. He
started to get up but I'd have none of that. I pushed him back down onto
his knees. He looked up at me then at my cock and started to suck again.I moved the shower curtain so that just my head was poking out. There
standing at the toilet was Kevin buck naked peeing into the toilet. I
stared at his naked back and ass while he was urinating. I looked down at
Frank and grabbed his 9yo lolas non nude head and started to fuck his face nice and hard. I
turned back and watched Kevin as he finished. Not a sign of fat any where
on his whole body. God he looked good.Kevin turned around from the waist to look at the shower. When he saw me
he gave a groggy grin. "Ya, it's me. You're going to be late you know?"
Kevin reached for the knob on the toilet and went to flush it."Don't flush it will burn me." I yelled.He nodded to himself and turned facing me. His body really was
incredible. He swam all the time so he was lean. He ran almost every day
so his thighs and calves where rock hard. His stomach was flat with a nice
six pack. He lifted waits for football so his arms and chest where hard
and slightly bulging. His cock, God his cock. I know he has four years on
me but I need to start growing now to catch up. His cock was close to six
and a half inches soft. Thick with a nice mushroom cap head. The head was
mushroom shaped but on the longer side.He turned quickly as if he was going to flush the toilet then turned back
towards me with a big grin. His cock swung back and forth as his body came
to a stop his cock slowly caught up.He walked past the shower and stopped at the sink and looked into the
mirror. I watched him as I started to shoot for the third time that
morning. I held Franks head hard against my stomach with my hard cock
poking him in the thought. My cock shaking as my cream poured deep down
his gullet. All the time my eyes glued on Kevin's naked body, as his check
out his face in the mirror to see if he needed to shave.Frank swallowed all my cream moaning softly as he shot his load between my
feet.Kevin looked up at me in the mirror. "You almost done in there? I need to
shower still."I looked down at Frank and smiled. "Sure jump in it's all yours."Frank jumped to his feet and slid on the bottom of the wet tub making
slapping sounds with the feet. His hands hitting the tiles on the walls.Kevin looked up again in lolita naked 4 you the mirror at me. "Hay, calm down you don't want
to hurt yourself there. I still have to get my stuff out of my room." He
turned and started to walk back to his room.I let go of the curtain so it feel open. If he turned and looked he would
have seen both of us in the shower together naked. I could still see his
back walking towards his bed inside his room when Frank leapt out grabbing
a towel and running into our room. I slowly got out and grabbed a towel
and started to dry myself off. My cock aced and I took care to pat it dry
gently. I was wrapping the towel around my waist when Kevin came back into
the bathroom.Kevin walked sexefillechevalzoophile pornololitasc sanok pl in with a large yellow beach towel around his waist caring a
radio and soap. He put the radio on the counter near the sink and turned
it on. He turned and walked to the shower as I finished drying my hair
with another towel. He turned on the water and started to laugh."Jesus you're the honest kid I know." He said laughing at me.I was dumb founded. I quickly looked down at my towel it was lightly
tented but nothing that was all that noticeable. "What are you talking
about?"Kevin pulled back the curtain and pointed. At first I didn't get it, then
I spotted it. Franks cum splattered on two tiles above the tub. "It's not
mine." I said not thinking.Kevin looked around. "Who's is it then?"I just looked at him not knowing what to say. Kevin took the shower head
off the wall and sprayed down the cum off the wall. He put it back then
walked over to me. He wrapped his left arm around me in one quick motion
grabbing me around the waist and chest.He whispered in my ear. "You didn't forget about after school today did
you?"I could feel ever muscle in his arm and shoulder against my stomach and
chest. His hard left peck pushed into my back. I could feel his nipple
rubbing against my shoulder blade as he moved. Across my ass I next generation lolitas toplist
could feel
his lump of man hood against sweet young lolita pussy my small firm ass threw our towels. "God if
we only didn't have these towels on." I thought. Once again my dick was
hard."No I didn't forget." I stammered out. "But seeing I'm doing you a favor
what you say you give me a lift to school and I'll tell you some of the
ideas I have for after school."Kevin pulled away slightly and looked at my face is if to say no way but
smiled and squeezed me so tight I thought I'd pass out. "Oh all right.
Let me shower real quick." He said as he let go of me.As he let go my towel fell to the floor. I bent over quickly trying to
hide my erection. As I bent forwards Kevin's eighteen year old lump pushed
between my ass cheeks. I wanted to rip his towel off him and let him use
me the way I had been using Frank. But I couldn't. I stood up with towel
in hand and covered my crotch."Man you are the horniest guy preteen lolita kiddie pic
I know. You shoot all over the shower wall
and still sprout a rocket at just the thought of seeing Cathy naked and up
close, hu?" He said as he slapped my bare ass.Just as he slapped me Frank opened the bathroom door. Frank was fully
dressed holding his book bag, He looked us and said. "Dad says that your
going to miss the bus." He then froze staring at Kevin.It dawned on me that I was watching Kevin fuck his girl friends even if it
was threw a small peep whole but Frank would never have an opportunity to
see Kevin naked.Franks mouth was open slightly. I started to walk towards him, stopped
quick and turned towards Kevin. In one quick motion I pulled off his
towel. He started to turn and face us when I slapped his left ass check
with all my might. I thought I broke my hand. I turned and ran towards my
bed room door straight at Frank."We're even now." I yelled over my shoulder to him.When I got inside my room I turned to see Frank still somewhat in the door
way looking at Kevin who was laughing. Yelling he'd get me back for that.
What I did expect to see was frank with a pop tent in his pants. I wasn't
disappointed. What I hadn't expected to lola lolita prelolas models see was Kevin standing there in
the bathroom naked with a red hand print on his ass and a ragging hard on.
"Had he gotten hard from my slapping him? Was that possible?" I thought.Kevin stepped into the shower. "I'll be right out he called to me."As he vanished from sight Frank turned and looked at me. His pants
straining to the limits."You're in hot shit Mr." I said trying to sound mad."What did I do?" He asked sounding scared. I guess I sounded mad enough."You left cum all over the shower tiles and I got blamed for it." I said
still trying to sound mad. "I'll get you back for this. You can count on
it." I scowled as I started to get dressed.Frank started to beg for forgiveness mixing it with how it wasn't really
his faults. I wasn't really listening, I had other things on my mind.
Finally I turned towards him."Frank you just missed the bus. You had better get going. It's a nice
walk in the morning." I said with a smileJust then Dad yelled up the stairs. "I'm telling you if you miss that bus
your walking, let's go!""Better get going.""I'll wait for you." He said."No. You go and on the walk you can think of what you'll do to make it up
to me." I gave him an evil grin.He started to protest but I just pointed to the door. He turned and walked
out. As I put on my sneaker I herd the shower shut off. A minute latter
Kevin opened the bathroom door and said, "I'll be ready in a minute.""Great. I have some grate ideas for latter." I said as I examined his
naked body again glistening with moisture."Sounds good. I'll meet you down stairs." He said and turned back into the
bathroom.I stood up and grabbed my book bag. Checked to little forbidden shocking lolita make sure I had my homework
and of course my digital camera. Then headed down stairs for breakfast.MORE TO CUMFeedback is always much appreciated. Let me know
what you thought of the story. I'm not a professional writer so forget
about spelling and grammar and stick with the story.
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